Friday, July 17, 2009

Photoshop Fun 2

This is the second installment of photos that have adjusted, stamped, masked...all of the fun stuff that I have been in learning the Jessica Sprague Class. I must say this is addicting. I find myself playing with the hues and layers to see how differnt each effect has on my photo.

This photo I used a mask to create the edge around the flowers. I originally had it in white, but I wanted to scrap this photo so I made the background of the mask the same color as the bright center of the crocus.

This next photo I gave a vintage look by desaturating the photo and then laying over a sepia tone. I then added a Fake TTV texture and blended it all together. Fun photo at the lake that looks it! I also added little swirl to the bottom corner.

I decided to give the Fake TTV another shot and took a photo from Christmas made it vintage, added red tone over it then added a different texture that had a ting of yellow. I added a flourish and text in the corner. I might add this to my Christmas card with a little basic grey and blink!

Let me know what you think. I know it is not a card or a scrapbook page, but it is something artsy that I am loving right now.

Supply Notes: All photos were taken with my Sony DSC N2 (10 MP Point and Shoot camera)and used Photoshop Elements. The flourish stamps are from House of 3 and the textures are off of flicker from various sources.


Randee E said...

These are soo cool! All this from the free download ?!? I'm wanting photoshop REALLY bad now. I love the photo from the lake . . .although it kinda looks like you just took a ride through a mud puddle on an ATV (Hee Hee)

Marisa G said...

Very cool! I registered for this class, but I haven't played with any of it yet. I might try to on our vacation. You've inspired me!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!!! I love playing in Photoshop, so much fun! I really love the 2nd pic, totally rocks!!!

Lisa said...

you did awesome with your pics... I told you you would have a blast!!! and yes it is TOTALLY addicting!!!