Monday, July 13, 2009

A Little Photoshop Fun

I am taking a two week photo class taught by Jessica Sprague. I signed up for the free class and downloaded the trial version of PE7 with the hope of learning how to enhance my photos and maybe add cool frames and learn how to use brushes. I was a little behind, so I have been playing catch-up. Tonight I learned how to create a vintage photo and tint (this is the photo of Ruby dressed up in her princess attire). I also learned how to add texture. I used a self portrait, added texture, change the opacity and what ever tool allows you to choose soft light, multiply, or overlay to the textured layers. I love how this turned out. After that I added a frame (I even rotated it to better fit my photo). Doesn't take much but I am so proud of myself.

I will definitely be buying PE7 and taking a photo editing class (probably a basic class to learn way to make my photos really pop).

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Randee E said...

Cool beans!! Is this an online class? And do you need any special software/camera ?